what is stovetop espresso maker

By | August 23, 2014

What is stovetop espresso maker

what is stovetop espresso maker

what is stovetop espresso maker

Stovetop espresso maker also known as the moka pot or Italian coffee pot. It is used to produce strong espresso coffee. The stovetop espresso maker is still the most popular way of making espresso at home. It works on the principle of creating pressure through heat to force water through finely ground coffee. The famous Italian stovetop espresso coffee maker is a steam power. It is made of aluminium. A stovetop espresso maker can be found in every Italian house. It is also very welcome in Europe. The stovetop espresso maker comes in various sizes ranging from three, six, nine, to twelve cups.
The features of a stovetop espresso maker

It is polished aluminum construction with high quality.

Also it has pressure release valve on the purpose of safety.
A stovetop espresso maker has several different types with the ranges of single, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 18 cup sizes (based on 2 ounce cups). It is made in Italian.
How to make espresso with a stovetop maker

First thing you need to do is filling the bottom chamber with cold water up to the steam release valve. Then you have to insert the funnel filter and fill it with espresso ground coffee. Make sure the flat round filter plate and the rubber gasket are in place underneath the central column of the espresso maker.

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Secondly, you need to tighten the top, but not too hard. Then put it on the stovetop with enough heat to cover the bottom. The heat should be in control. When you hear machine gurgling, remove it from the heat and allow it to cool for 30 seconds.

Finally, you can use a spoon to churn the coffee, then enjoy it.
Directions and protections for stovetop espresso maker

The function of emergency steam release valve is to open a way for the steam to escape if it can’t go through coffee grounds. This can ensure the life span of the stovetop espresso maker.

When metal handles and surfaces get hot, you can use a pot holder to handle this machine. You should be careful when you use it. Especially, you should place it where children cannot touch.

how to use a stovetop espresso maker video:

When you use it, you need to keep the heat source low. This can help prevent discoloration and damage to the handle and other parts. Over time, some discoloration of the metal may occur. This is because the repetitive heating and natural effects of water erosin. Some heat spots can be cleaned by using silver. You can polish the stainless steel. The use of a diffuser will keep the heat lower, though it will take a bit longer for the stovetop espresso maker to heat.

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To keep stovetop espresso maker in good condition, you can wash all the parts with hot soap water. Occasionally, you need wash the inside of stovetop espresso maker to remove mineral deposits.

In brief, you can make a cup of espresso coffee with stovetop espresso maker easily 🙂 .

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