what to look for when buying coffee maker

By | September 29, 2013

what to look for when buying coffee maker

what to look for when buying coffee maker

what to look for when buying coffee maker

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a perfectly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee drinking has always been a hugely American pastime, but its recent popularity and explosion of growth can in some ways be directly attributed to the boom in personal and portable coffee makers.

The cold hard truth (or perhaps piping hot!) is that there are some particular models and brands that stand head and shoulders above the rest – and if you’ve ever woken up with a subpar cup of coffee you fully understand the importance of this kitchen technology.

When you’re outlaying any kind of cash – especially in our current and limping economy – you want to be secure and at peace with any buying decision you make, but this is especially true when you’re talking about a product that is going to produce something you consume and put in your body each and every single day.

Every person’s needs are unique and completely personal and there are just too many different brands and models to breakdown individually, so use this guide as a way to cut through the things that many coffee makers reviews are touting as important and focus on what you’ll actually use. I hope this helps!

What’s Important!!!


This is probably the first thing you should really take into account before you go out hunting for the perfect coffee machine.

There are so many different offerings in so many different configurations that it’s almost too easy to get sucked into buying way more machine than you’ll really need – at a substantial price increase.

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You should be realistic with your coffee goals, and while it’s a smart idea to err on the side off too much machine than too little, you definitely don’t want to go overboard. Often times a single pot coffee maker – even a single cup coffee maker – is more than enough for a person’s needs.

There are however bigger machines made for large families or office type settings that would still set up nicely in a home, although for your average coffee drinker they are a bit of overkill.


Here’s another big consideration – how expensive is your machine going to be to run and operate as well as maintain? A lot of people think they can just buy a machine and that’s it, that’s the only investment they have to consider.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While the coffee machine itself is definitely the biggest up front purchase, depending on make and model there could be all kinds of hidden and ancillary costs that need to figure into the lifetime cost of the unit you choose. If your machine takes coffee filters you’ll need to know which specific style and set up they can handle.


what to look for when buying coffee maker

what to look for when buying coffee maker


What To Look For In Good Trustworthy Coffee Makers

Some machines operate on a filter less basis, but you may have to use single serving “cups” like the Keurig machines which cost more per cup of coffee than just buying grounds. Then there are things like power consumption, other replacement parts and maintenance that will need to be performed, etc.

While these costs are smaller up front they do add up over time and can be a considerable amount. Most solid coffee makers reviews will tell you the lifetime cost of ownership for the make and model they are reviewing though.

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Make and Model

This is where things get a little dicey and the area of customization and unique personality will come into play.

Some people swear by brands like Keurig, Mr. Coffee, Bosch, Bunn, etc and say that the same brand of coffee will have a wildly different taste depending upon the machine. While there is definitely some merit to this argument you may or may not care that much to really test and try different models out on your own palate.


Maybe the biggest variable that people will have when they are looking for new coffee machine, and one of the biggest things that people talk about in just about every single review I’ve ever seen.

The speed for making a single cup of coffee continues to increase each and every year, but there are some companies that are embracing the new speed technology faster than others.

Some makes and models will be able to produce a single cup in a record time while struggling with a batch of coffee, and others will whip through a bulk batch while slow simmering a single – again it’s a matter of personal choice and to some degree trusting the coffee makers reviews that you’ve read. Nobody will argue here though – the faster you can get a hot cup of fresh coffee into you in the morning the better!

Here is a video on how to make sure you brew a great cup of coffee every time with your coffee makers.

good luck 🙂

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