which type of coffee maker is best

By | March 17, 2015

Which type of coffee maker is best for you?

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The conventional idea about products is that the more you spend the better you get. But while buying a coffee maker, you don’t obviously need to go for the most expensive ones available. You should go for the best coffee maker that features the things that you’re precisely looking for. Moreover, the maker should be capable of producing the flavor that you like most.

If you want to roughly categorized coffee makers available in the market, you’ll get four main categories:

  • Automatic Drip
  • Espresso Maker
  • French Press
  • Percolator

Before stepping out for the shop you should carry the basic information on each of these categories. This will help you in picking up the most appropriate coffee maker of your taste from the showcase.

drip coffee maker
Automatic Drip

These coffee makers are handy and friendly. You need to give a little effort and the machine does the rest. The machine comes with a glass carafe, filter chamber, power base and water tank. The carafe has a hinged, removable lid on it that is made of plastic. To connect it to an electrical power source, the package contains a chord.

You need to just pour desired amount of water into the filter chamber and switch on the machine to get your carafe-full of coffee. Now, often you don’t like to make coffee more than once or twice a day. But your breakfast coffee loses its warmth soon and you need to make another cup at afternoon. To solve this issue, Automatic Drip machine comes with a built-in heater. You can make a carafe-full of coffee at morning and get the same hot cup of coffee at afternoon or night.

In some machines you’ll get a self-timer installed. If you want to take a cup of coffee just after coming back from work or waking up at morning, you can preset your desired time and flip on the machine-switch.

Now, it’s time to have a look on the pros and cons of Automatic Drip coffee maker machine. Let’s start with the pros first and then move on to cons:

Automatic Drip machine is a friendly machine to deal with. You can conveniently make a cup of coffee anytime of the day with a little effort. As it brews automatically, you can just flip on the switch, turn a couple of pages from a magazine in the meantime and get your desired hot, refreshing cup of coffee. The self-timer and built-in heater give you an extended comfort.

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Automatic Drip coffee machine has a few cons as well. When you buy this machine, the package doesn’t include filters. You need to buy a filter on your own that fits the machine. You can’t regulate the temperature of water. So you are not able to experiment with different flavored beans. As this automatic machine functions automatically, you can’t determine how long the coffee and water steep.

Espresso Machine
Espresso Maker

A highly concentrated, dark and rich brew espresso coffee can be made with these machines. These makers are really handy and much easier. This espresso maker comes with a portafilter, a spout, a tamper, and a group head which determines how many cups of coffee can be made at once. It also has a control panel, a water reservoir, a milk frother and an electrical cord.

Brewing espresso coffee is a multistage procedure. Most machines are designed to produce a couple of cups at a time. The maker must use the frother tube to heat the milk separately to make a latte. It blasts steam into the milk. Then push the button and pour your utterly delicious cup of espresso. You can use different types of flavors as well. Some of them come with self-timer as well so that you can choose your desired time for having a cup of espresso.

It produces the perfect gourmet coffee at home which saves your valuable money. With this gorgeous machine your kitchen turns into a professional mystique. This machine has the ability to bring out the full potential of the coffee beans.

As the machine has a multistage procedure, it will consume a bit more time than the other types of machines. For some coffee drinkers the espresso can be too strong. Can be messy and requires more money compare to other types of coffee machines.

french press
French Press

This is a stainless steel or a glass container into which the maker deposits hot water and freshly ground beans. It looks like a jar. This machine comes with either a stainless steel pot or a glass pot, a lid with a plunger and a filter screen attached to the plunger. The ground is coarse so that coffee doesn’t filter through.

The making process is really easy and anyone with proper usage knowledge can make coffee through it. You just need to pour hot water and grounded coffee beans, set the temperature and press the button. It extracts the acid and oil from the beans so the taste will be as good as you desired. You can make 8 cup of coffee at a time.

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You have the control of temperature in your hand. So you can make your coffee within your heat preference and you can make it quick as well. It produces fuller and richer flavor. The most important quality of this machine is that it doesn’t need electricity. So you can make coffee when you want, wherever you want.

It is not automatic and requires skilled brewer to make perfect coffee. Not much option available in this machine. If not transferred to thermos the coffee cools quickly.

percolator coffee maker

It is a product with beauty and quality. It looks like a jar as well but it is polished with stainless steel for durability and beauty. This machine has a pot, a cover with transparent knob outside. Inside there is a basket, a weighted base and a pump stem. In the basket, into the ground, the hot water bubbles up the stem. Then, into the pot it filters back.

There are different types of percolators with different capacities (from 4 to 30 cups). Some are electric and others are not. Electric percolators have more programs than the non electric ones. It gives you the opportunities to see whether your coffee is prepared or not by seeing its color changing from the transparent cap. It also helps you to choose whether you want your coffee strong or normal.

It has a stunning look which will make your kitchen shine. You can use it whenever you want with consistent performance. It also has a detachable cord which makes your cleaning easier.

Boiling water bring out acid from the beans which can make its taste bitter. It takes more time than the automatic drip machine. It can be time consuming in the case of cleaning grounds basket. Water that runs through the same ground can absorb bitterness.

Now you’ve got an idea about how different category coffee makers work. This piece of information will surely help you to choose the best coffee maker of your choice. Remember, the most expensive machine is not necessarily the best coffee maker for you. Go through the features of different machines you’re planning to buy and finally, pick up the best suit for your taste.

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